Helpful Hints for Grooming a Golden Retriever

Certain breeds of dogs require a dedicated amount of care to help them maintain ideal health and beauty. This is particularly true for double-coated breeds, as anyone who’s experienced the art of Golden Retriever grooming will quickly confirm. The Golden’s friendly, loving personality quickly secures a place in the household. They like to take part in family activities such as going to the park, taking a ride, and visiting the friends their humans enjoy seeing. It’s far more pleasant to travel with a freshly groomed dog, although a professional groomer may not be available when a journey is planned. There are several things family members can do to make their dog a welcome participant in family activities.

The Importance of Bathing

Like other animals with feathers or fur, dogs shed flecks of skin which can cause an allergic reaction in humans. Reduce dander with a weekly bathing ritual for your Golden. Avoid dry skin and lackluster fur by using a dog shampoo that keeps the natural protective oils in his coat. A healthy coat also deters infection and injury. Retrievers enjoy swimming and playing in the water. Don’t be surprised if your Golden Retriever asks for additional baths. It’s okay to yield to this demand.

Pedicures for Healthy Feet

Gently clip the dog’s’ nails at the tip one day a week with dog nail clippers. Only take a bit off the top to avoid nipping the quick and causing bleeding. Long nails cause the footpad and nails to spread out and apart, in addition to harmful scratching of the dog and anyone with whom they come in contact. Properly trimmed nails help the dog walk and run more comfortably.

Beautiful Tails Need Special Care

Trim the tail so resemble a fan. Look at a picture of any show Golden to use as an example. Clean the tail between baths. It’s easy for Goldens to get foxtails, small pebbles, and other debris in their fur as they wag their tail across the ground.

Grooming Tools

An undercoat rake and bristle brush are recommended for Golden Retriever grooming. The second coat grows in winter to keep them warm. It starts shedding near the summertime. Reduce the amount of hair left from shedding by brushing the dog at least once a day. It will keep the house cleaner and allergens down.

Golden Retriever

Important Golden Retriever Grooming Guidelines

Some breeds look adorable with a closely clipped or shaved coat. Never shave your Golden, as it will disturb the undercoat’s job. Simply brush the coat to help keep it clean and to remove loose hair, twigs and snarls. Remember the all-important bath.

Make time at least once a week to groom:

The Tail. Inside and outside hair on the ears. Thinning and grooming shears work well with inside ear hair. Gently clean the ears with an approved cleaning solution.

The feet, especially trimming excess fur around the pads. Ordinary grooming shears are excellent for this task.

You’ve likely discovered the friendly, happy attitude of Golden Retriever families. Most are glad to give pointers as they ready their dog for a show or photo shoot. You’ll also find step-by-step guidelines on YouTube videos and in brochures at the veterinarian’s office. The more you practice the techniques for Golden Retriever grooming, the easier it will be. The routine will be more enjoyable and take less time when you’re comfortable with the steps.

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