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Hello, Pet Parent: meet your newest family member’s voracious appetite. That’s your first clue to Golden Retriever Food. They want a gracious plenty of it. Taking care of dog business – playing with their kids, hunting with their master, chasing anything that moves – requires monumental energy.

It is your responsibility to provide Golden Retriever Food, which is high in nutrition, helps maintain a healthy weight and aids in prevention of Golden Retriever health challenges.

At first, shopping for Golden Retriever Food is more than a notion. Read the labels. Know that healthy fats and quality protein are vital ingredients for your new buddy’s balanced diet.

Experts recommend purchasing the highest priced Golden Retriever Food your budget permits. This has nothing to do with vanity and everything to do with health maintenance. It’s elemental logic. Expensive dog foods are higher in nutrition; thus, pay-off in fewer visits to the Vet.

Take a pass on dog food that shows grain or vegetable protein as primary ingredients. Main ingredients in quality Golden Retriever Food are always whole meats, such as beef, lamb, turkey, fish or chicken. “By-products” or “meat digests” are not on the same par.

Getting the correct amount of oils and fats into doggy-diets is important for their health. Top quality dog food contains the correct ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 essential fatty acids, derived from animal fats. Lack of correct fats will dull his lovely golden coat and cause itchy skin.

Golden Retriever Food should contain small amounts of carbs, such as barley, oats or brown rice. Also, ensure vitamins and minerals are included.

Why do manufacturers put grains in dog food? Grains are inexpensive and they hold the kibbles together. (Dry food is called kibble in the USA.)

By-products consist of second-rate protein and your Golden may suffer indigestion from them. For example, “poultry” is not a definitive meat, like chicken.

Golden Retriever Food: Undesirables

Be alert for artificial additives, colors, sweeteners, preservatives, etc. Avoid artificial additives that are considered carcinogenic for humans. Eschew products containing Propyl Gallate, BHA or BHT.

BHA is a fat preservative, which may cause cancer. Artificial color plays no nutritive role in Golden Retriever Food. It’s just plain gimmicky. Besides, Golden Retrievers aren’t interested in a pretty presentation; they fancy good-tasting food and a lot of it.

Have you eaten a dessert called Death by Chocolate? Keep this in mind when you’re tempted to reward your “good dog”, with a chocolate treat. One pound of chocolate can kill a dog weighting 16-pounds or less.

Monitor Weight

We’ve established that Golden Retrievers adore mealtime. However, obesity can contribute to an array of health problems, from diabetes to joint diseases.

As a quick reference, can you trace the contour of her ribs without probing through fat layers? If not, your Golden is overweight. Consult with your Vet about whether to put your pal on a diet.

Golden Retriever Food: Puppies

During the first three months, feed your puppy three times a day. Then, cut mealtimes down to twice a day. Continue using puppy food the first year. Dry puppy kibble provides age-appropriate nutrients, its crunch-factor aids in developing their facial muscles and soothes swollen gums during the teething process.

Final Thoughts:

Golden Retriever Food is all about quality meat. Perhaps you’re vegetarian. Your Golden is carnivorous. On this point, you must agree to disagree. But, feed your four-legged family member meat anyway.

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